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In a sentence: “A simple and secure way to run multiple personal identities on a single smartphone.”

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Human intelligence operations have gone ‘more digital’ in the last decade; the same HUMINT skills are needed, but the way security forces and other intelligence operators interact with their sources and each other in the field has evolved.

Intelligence operators are having to adapt as their operations are being pushed into the digital space. Traditionally, operators have needed multiple mobile phones and SIM cards to communicate with multiple individuals. This approach means the risk of mistakes being made is greater, and also increases the burden on the operator to maintain and monitor multiple handsets.

Red Tulip Systems, based in the Netherlands, have a solution. Their product, WorkFone, allows you to create and run multiple personal identities on a single smartphone, improving user control while securely handling all communication needs, including voice and SMS.

To create a new identity in, say, Germany, you simply select the country from a drop down menu and with a few clicks you have a genuine German mobile phone number. You can call and SMS from it, receive SMS’s, and for most countries receive calls, too. At present WorkFone is offering identities in 30 countries.

Red Tulip Systems’ vision is to help operators fluidly transition across multiple digital operational personas, without ever connecting any to each other or to their true selves. With WorkFone they’re giving intelligence operators the ability to receive critical time-sensitive notifications in real time, every time, and also allowing the chain of command, operations centers, and entire operational teams have concurrent visibility in real time.

Summary: We’ve been trialling this and we assess that it’s is an easy-to-use app allowing you and your team to create and run multiple, legitimate international phone numbers from a single handset, securely. It’s ideal for travelling abroad and creating a temporary local phone number, when you want to create a new social media account, or, as the makers intend, when you want to securely communicate with different individuals.

As a reminder, we urge all users to be fully aware of their own organisation’s legal stance of using apps like this, and comply with any rules and regulations.

More details at www.workfone.com

RTS will showcasing their work including WorkFone at: Security and Policing in Farnborough, stand Z3, Cyber Security Section. 7-9 March, and also at CyLon, London, 13 March-9 June.


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