Data Exploitation

The abundance and importance of data cannot be ignored, and businesses and security organisations are using similar data collection and analysis techniques to keep them more informed and ensure they are better able to spot opportunities and risks. Even data collected from just a few sources can reveal insights and help make better decisions if it is collected, collated, visualised and analysed correctly. Our experience of working with data can help you or your organisation better harness its potential. We can help in different ways, including:

- Gap Analysis to identify data requirements in relation to future plans
- Awareness Workshops to help staff understand the potential of data
- Training Needs Analysis to help you or your staff better exploit data
- Software training including IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook, Microsoft Access and Excel
- Introduction to trusted key suppliers and partners


Key Skills

  • Analysis Skills
  • Data Handling
  • Problem Solving

Cost Per Workshop

Duration: 1 Day. Discount for groups.

From £300 pp.

A Unique Service From

Atlas Analytics, London