Measurement of Effect

Measurement of Effect

Atlas Analytics is one of the world's leading authorities on Measurement of Effect or MoE.

MoE is the combination of critical, creative, analysis, and assessment skills and is applied to situations where you want to achieve change. Our clients work in healthcare, finance, marketing, and governments.

MoE looks beyond performance statistics and asks tough but fair question about the real-world tangible change your interventions are having, whether your objectives are being reached, or, whether your actions need to be altered.

Your learning will be put to the test during demanding exercises that will challenge you to produce credible and robust evidence-based assessments, speak truth to power, and demonstrate rigour.

You will learn the key principles of MoE that under-pin some of the most successful companies and are used by governments worldwide. With our ongoing mentoring we can help you to become not just an expert MoE Practitioner but also a credible teacher of others.

Key Skills

  • Analysis Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking

Cost Per Person

Duration: Two days minimum. Discount for groups.

From £300 pp.

A Unique Service From

Atlas Analytics, London